rain launches new 4G mobile network with national 4G mobile coverage

rainOne offers unlimited 5G home wi-fi plus free monthly calls and data for two phones. T&C’s apply.

rainOne offers unlimited 5G home wi-fi plus free monthly calls and data for two phones. T&C’s apply.

Published May 11, 2023


New mobile network operators (MNOs) are not born every day.

Today, South African telecommunication is set for an exciting transformation with the introduction of rain’s new 4G mobile network.

rain began by launching SA’s first data-only network in 2018, and the country’s first commercial 5G network in 2019 - bringing affordable, unlimited 4G and 5G data plans to the market.

The 5G network has since expanded from metros to smaller towns and regions, and currently covers more than seven million households. This makes it one of the largest 5G networks in the country, and growing.

rain is now launching a new 4G mobile network, with high definition voice calls, sms, data and national 4G mobile coverage. This has now allowed rain to enter the market as a full mobile network operator, becoming the fourth telecomms company alongside Vodacom, MTN and Telkom.

rain’s 4G and 5G networks are highly efficient - providing seamless, plug-and-play 5G streaming and now high definition 4G voice calls. And because the company doesn’t have to maintain legacy 2G and 3G networks, rain is more cost effective and therefore able to offer significant value to customers.

Now, with both extensive 5G and national 4G mobile networks, rain is launching one affordable plan for both home and phones.

This exciting new product is called rainOne and provides customers with unlimited 5G home wi-fi, plus free monthly calls and data for two phones.

rain now offers a single plan, rainOne, for both home and phones.

The unlimited 5G home wi-fi comes with a free-to-use router, and the two 4G mobile phone lines get 2GB of free data and 60 minutes of free voice calls every month - all in one plan and all for R559 month-to-month.

Now South Africans can stop paying separately for home and phone, and connect all their devices with one monthly bill.

If customers need more every month, they can add home wi-fi speed, or monthly gigs and minutes, to the cost of their subscription.

If they need a bit extra to get them to the end of the month, they can buy more anytime. These “buy more” purchases are once-off and never expire. So, whatever customers don’t use this month, will still be there next month.

Customers with rainOne will be able to seamlessly port their existing number and use rain mobile as their primary SIM, with national 4G mobile coverage.

“The convergence of home wi-fi and mobile voice and data offerings in one affordable plan is an innovation we are confident will appeal to South Africans. We recognise that our customers have family members, so with rainOne we are catering not only for their need to access the internet from home, but also outside on their mobile devices,” says Brandon Leigh, CEO of rain.

rain has overlayed the existing 4G network with a new layer - offering national 4G mobile coverage to rainOne customers.

“Now customers have another option for mobile services from a provider that has already established a strong reputation in the home internet market. The expansion of our 5G network, and the addition of a national 4G mobile network, indicates that we are serious about being a major player in mobile,” concludes Leigh.

rain’s 5G customers can upgrade to rainOne for the same price as their current plans and gain the benefit of the mobile SIMs and free monthly calls and data for two phones, at no extra cost.

For more info go to www.rain.co.za