Jobs in every household promised as Bosa reveals Nobuntu Hlazo-Webster as its Gauteng premier candidate

Nobuntu Hlazo-Webster Picture: Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Nobuntu Hlazo-Webster Picture: Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Published Apr 3, 2024


With a promise of jobs in every household, Build One South Africa (Bosa) has revealed Nobuntu Hlazo-Webster as its Gauteng premier candidate ahead of leader Mmusi Maimane, who has indicated that he wants to be in Parliament.

Hlazo-Webster has become the second female premier candidate for Gauteng after the South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) nominated its leader, Colleen Makhubele, to be both its premier and national candidate.

The KwaZulu-Natal-born Hlazo-Webster promised jobs, decent housing and employment opportunities to the people of Gauteng, who are battling with water outages, power cuts and rising food and fuel costs, during an event held at the Uncle Tom’s Hall in Orlando West on Tuesday.

Unveiling her detailed plan for the economic hub of the country, Hlazo-Webster pledged to put an end to corruption while ensuring a province filled with possibilities, including economic hubs, economic zones, high-speed internet and a myriad other solutions to service delivery challenges crippling the province.

“We can never change this country and this province without ownership. We must own businesses. Young people have got to dream of owning businesses. So the jobs and justice fund will ensure that young people not only work, but also own their own businesses and create work.

“The second of our five pledges is to build hubs in the different regions of Gauteng. I know you are used to promises not being delivered, but this will be delivered not only because we have the right policies, but also we have the right people. We we fill our economic hubs with young researchers and young innovators who will be funded to come up with new innovations,” she said.

Maimane said the party couldn’t have chosen a better candidate than Hlazo-Webster to help rebuild Gauteng as the real economic centre of activity.

“We stand to draw a line in the sand in declaring that we will build Gauteng and things will improve and once again, Gauteng will be a place of hope and what the rest of the continent wants to emulate. This mission starts with putting a job in every household and we can do that by focusing our attention on the township economy and build factories right here in our townships,” he said.

Maimane said Bosa was serious about women empowerment and the party intends to ensure that it has a 50/50 women representation in all its leadership positions.

Hlazo-Webster said the country’s water challenges were something close to her heart, which is why the party has in recent weeks been at the forefront of providing water to communities affected by water shortages.

“Bosa is a government in working. Despite efforts from the ANC to impede our progress, we will continue to work diligently to improve water infrastructure and alleviate the suffering caused by this crisis.

“We are committed to addressing the water crisis in South Africa and will not be deterred by any obstacles put in our way. We are working tirelessly to find solutions and ensure that all citizens have access to clean and safe drinking water,“ she said.

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