Letter writer suffers from superiority complex

Published Jul 13, 2011


THANK you for your interesting newspaper POST.

I do not normally respond to letters in the media but after reading about “Arabic not being Indian,” I had no option but to present the other side of the coin.

Does the writer hold some kind of franchise that determines who can be classed as “Indian” or not? Do you have a problem with Arabs / Muslims per se or with Multichoice programming? Why do you project so much hatred, envy and venom towards others? It is eating you up!

Most Hindus are loving and tolerant people. Why do you seem to have a chip on your shoulder? How pure and blue blooded an Indian are you?

Lately, you were ranting and raving about a Muslim’s views on a book about Indians that wasn’t even released at that stage. Now you do an about turn and speak like a self proclaimed expert on Arabs, their origins and language, etc. Have you no shame? You seem to have a misconception that people from other religious persuasions are all waiting in line to “Gatecrash” into your “pure Indian enclave.” Think again.

Why blame the British for the concept of “divide and rule” and separating of races? We seem to have here in our backyard our very own “Indian” spitting racist who is doing a splendid job single handedly! Stop this whining and petty bitterness in the media. Get a life, it is obvious that you have a vacant and hateful existence. No one cares about your “Indianess and exclusivity” and nobody wants to be part of it. You are welcome to it. If you still feel that way, maybe you should find yourself a homeland and proceed with keeping it strictly for “Indian” royalty like yourself. All the while we thought apartheid in South Africa died in 1994.

Hussain Mahomed


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