Playing your best golf within yourself

Published Apr 6, 2024


GOLF has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Despite the covid pandemic, more tours have opened, more equipment has been launched and the biggest news is the all new Liv golf tour.

I wish to share with you some golfing tips which are important to understand as each golfer has his or her own unique swing. Body composition and dynamics forces different swing paths and planes. The key to any golf shot is making sure the club arrives square to the ball. Achieve this and your consistency is increased.

We look at the modern era of golf and the world number one, Scottie Schefler does everything the golfing books don’t suggest but he keeps his game played within himself. To help improve your game, your equipment first needs to match what your club head speed is producing by your level of golf. Using the wrong shaft and the wrong head size would then ask too much of the golfer to do on his or her swing to compensate for this.

The best advice is to go for fitting with a professional. The next golfing routine you need to plan is having a proper purpose practice routine. No hours of just bashing golf balls. Your range time is your swing mechanics and hitting to specific targets. Your game time on the course is about getting good scores not finding swing corrections. Now with that mindset, let’s get into our tip for the week .

Having a solid stable base for the swing.

The key to gaining power combined with accuracy is having a solid stance in your swing. Feel your weight rotation from right to left with not falling of balance. A great drill to find this balance is to place a golf ball under the heel of either the left or right. Place a ball under the left heel and you feel your right side exaggerating the balance and then the same placing it under your right heel. Hit shots with this drill and you will find your balance improve in your golf swing. Catch you on the fairways for more tips to follow.

Sewgolum is PGA AA gold professional and a golf pro for Saudi Aramco. He was voted in the Top 5 of the International Golf PGA Pro 2022.