LOOK: Shauwn Mkhize is living her best life in Zimbabwe

Shauwn Mkhize. Picture: Instagram

Shauwn Mkhize. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 24, 2023


Shauwn Mkhize, popularly known as MamKhize, arrived in Zimbabwe earlier this week to attend an event hosted by local businesswoman Zodwa Mnkadla for her company Traverze.

Taking to her Instagram account, she posted a video of herself arriving at the airport where she received a warm royal welcome.

Captioning the video, “Touching down in Zimbabwe, where warm smiles greeted me at every turn,” Mkhize revealed that she was greeted with warm smiles everywhere.

Mkhize, who was elated about her trip to Zimbabwe, expressed gratitude to Mnkadla for her hospitality.

“I’m really grateful for my amazing host, Zozo, whose hospitality knows no bounds.

“My adventure has only just begun, but the laughter and joy I’ve experienced so far has made this short left quite memorable,” she wrote.

In another post, Mkhize shared pictures that she took with Mkandla inside a car shortly after they left the airport.

She revealed that she was in Zimbabwe to support Mnkadla’s latest business venture: “Here to support one of our own. A fellow businesswoman and pioneer in the travel and hospitality industry.”

Upon arriving at the stunning residence of Mnkadla, Mkhize, along with other guests, indulged in a lively mini-party filled with music and dancing.

The accompanying video captured the infectious joy as Mkhize and the ladies flaunted their impressive dance skills, radiating pure happiness.

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