These are the destinations Gen Z travellers will be visiting in 2024

London is considered the ultimate travel destination for Generation Z in Europe. Picture: REUTERS/Ferran Paredes

London is considered the ultimate travel destination for Generation Z in Europe. Picture: REUTERS/Ferran Paredes

Published Jan 11, 2024


Travel experts from Omio have identified 2024’s most exciting cities to travel for Gen Z.

Generation Z prefers travel destinations that promote diversity and equality, with high acceptance for LGBTQ+ and gender equality.

They demand fast mobile internet connections, digital payment options, and environmentally friendly, affordable public transportation.

Culinary diversity is essential to young foodies, especially vegetarian and vegan options.

Live concerts and esports events are much more popular than museums and monuments.

Thus, top concerts by favourite artists and bands or unique gaming experiences become ideal reasons for a city trip.

Top 10 Most Exciting Travel Destinations for Generation Z in 2024, based on ten relevant criteria analysed. Picture: Supplied/

Seoul owns everything Gen Z loves

Seoul in South Korea is the ultimate travel destination for Generation Z.

The city entices with K-Pop, affordable prices, and a lively gaming scene. A metro ticket costs approximately $0.96 (about R20), and a fast-food combo is about $6.01.

In Seoul, Gen Z experiences high-speed internet, widespread mobile payment options, and a rich culinary diversity with at least 181 vegetarian or vegan top food spots.

The city excels in innovation and zeitgeist, making it the best choice for the current desires of young travellers.

Europe's leader for Gen Z travellers: London

London is considered the ultimate travel destination for Generation Z in Europe.

The city offers thrilling live concerts, trendy culinary hotspots, and some of the largest gaming events in the world – including EGX London and the London Games Festival.

Mobile and contactless payment with smartphones are uncomplicated and widespread in London, whether for bubble tea or subway tickets.

Dubai is the TikTok favourite

With over 74 billion views, no city is as popular on TikTok as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The city is the favourite on the social network for Generation Z, leaving dream cities of older generations like New York City (39 billion views) or Paris (44 billion views) far behind.

Queers are safe in Copenhagen, Vancouver, Geneva, and Lisbon

For queer travellers, safety, acceptance, and freedom are essential. Young queers have fewer worries in countries like Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, or Portugal.

Cities like Copenhagen, Vancouver, Geneva, and Lisbon are among the safer cities for LGBTQ+ individuals, with trendy gay and queer neighbourhoods for partying and meeting like-minded people.

Los Angeles, London, Berlin: gaming hubs

Gaming is indispensable for Generation Z. In a highly connected world of multiplayer online games, esports events provide the opportunity to play favourite games live and with others.

Los Angeles is the top destination for esports fans with at least 18 major tournaments.

In Europe, London and Berlin are the hotspots for gamers, with about 14 events in London and about 11 major events in Berlin, including League of Legends Championships and Dota 2 Major Tournaments.

Here, gamers can indulge in their passion for games and share it with the community.