WATCH: No refund. No cancellations. Exes are forced to go on holiday together a month after breaking up

Woman forced to go on holiday with her ex. Picture: Pexels

Woman forced to go on holiday with her ex. Picture: Pexels

Published Apr 1, 2022


Whether you caught him cheating or you simply no longer get along, break-ups are never easy.

While for most, moving on is simple, for others it’s not.

However, this young couple found themselves in an unusual post-breakup situation where they were forced to go on holiday together even though they had been broken up for a month already.

How do we know? Ex-girlfriend Lydia Bird took to TikTok to share her unfortunate story.

Before breaking up with her boyfriend of two years, the young couple planned and paid for their spring break holiday to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Why didn’t they simply cancel the trip?

This is where it got messy. After enquiring about cancelling their trip, they found out that there was no way they could, or get a refund.

Left with no other option, they ended up taking the trip together and Lydia decided to share the awkward moments on TikTok.

Over a series of videos, followers got to see snippets of the exes trying to make the most out of their holiday.

After the first video captioned: “'POV: you and your ex bought a non-refundable, international spring break trip. SOS” raked up over 13 million views and 2 million likes, it was obvious that people were keen to know how it went.

@lydia_bird3 wish us luck #exboyfriend #ex #springbreak #fyp ♬ love me like you do - Thalia <3

One of the most awkward moments of the trip was when the hotel gave them a single bedroom even though they had specifically requested two.

She even shared a tense moment where they were “fighting over how much time she was spending on her phone”.

@lydia_bird3 another update lmk if you guys want more #fyp #exboyfriend #fight #ex ♬ Pepas - Farruko

Despite their obvious discomfort she still managed to get him to take great pictures of her for her Instagram.

Would you last an entire holiday with your ex?

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