Why Grenada is becoming an appealing prospect for South Africans looking to live abroad

Artist Canute Calliste looks out the window from his gallery in L'Esterre, Carriacou, Grenada. Picture: AP

Artist Canute Calliste looks out the window from his gallery in L'Esterre, Carriacou, Grenada. Picture: AP

Published Aug 5, 2022


Halcyon & Partners, a European based global migration and investment platform, has revealed that it has seen a noticeable increase in the number of people applying for Grenada’s citizenship programme.

Grenada is is an island country in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. It’s located north-west of Trinidad and Tobago, north-east of Venezuela and south-west of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to Halcyon & Partners, uncertainty frequently fuels action, as people will look to ring-fence and protect what they have; whether their business, financial or family matters.

Halcyon & Partners CEO Pauline Gallagher said that what was most interesting to observe was those countries once seen as “safe and stable” could no longer be considered with the same level of certainty.

“Without going into politics, suffice to say it highlighted many failings. This, in turn, meant we also started to see citizens from these countries looking to secure a second passport or residency,” said Gallagher.

She revealed that having kept their programmes open, the Caribbean countries, with their relatively low-price tag combined with simple and fast processing procedures, meant they started to attract even more attention.

Gallagher said that this has made Grenada all the more appealing, because people could make their application from their home country with no requirement to visit their chosen destination.

“Offering visa-free access to over 120 plus destinations, many of which, such as the UK, EU and China, are of great interest to travelling business people. Attractive tax benefits and accepting family members of one application further increased their appeal,” said Gallagher.

She also revealed that what made Grenada stand out was its agreement with the US, whereby it can offer its citizens the option to apply for an E2 visa to live, work and study in the US.

“This has seen enquiries soaring. One project in particular is attracting a lot of attention, with over 100 families so far having taken advantage by taking shares in a commercial recreational project, the largest to be undertaken in Grenada.

“The resort will comprise hotels, a casino and golf course as well as many other recreational facilities,” said Gallagher.

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