Airplane chronicles: Jessica Biel documents frustration of being stuck on plane due to ‘crazy snowstorm’

Jessica Biel got stuck on a plane due to a "crazy snowstorm". Picture: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Jessica Biel got stuck on a plane due to a "crazy snowstorm". Picture: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Published Jan 19, 2024


Jessica Biel got stuck on a plane due to a "crazy snowstorm".

The 'Sinner' actress and her fellow passengers got briefly stranded in Salt Lake City due to the harsh weather conditions, but fortunately, the 41-year-old star was prepared with plenty of snacks.

In a TikTok video captioned 'Airplane Chronicles Pt. 1', Biel explained: "I am currently on a short flight and we now cannot land because of this crazy snowstorm.

"It's making the runway uninhabitable to land but luckily I brought all my favourite snacks and I have extra."


Airplane Chronicles Part 1

♬ original sound - Jessica Biel

A montage of her then tucking into treats including nuts, a granola bar, an orange and a fruit snack then played as Biel said: "I didn't pack a lunch, but I packed all these snacks and this morning I thought maybe I'd pack extras so I have triple of each of these for good measure just in case it gets really desperate."

And the 'Cruel Summer' actress was prepared to provide entertainment if the plane was stuck for a significant length of time.

Brandishing a mini karaoke machine, she asked her followers: "How much would this plane literally want to kill me if I pulled out this microphone to start karaoke with this? Should I try it?"

Biel ended the first video with a warning to fans to always pack snacks.

Shortly afterwards, the 'Total Recall' actress was back with 'Airplane Chronicles Pt. 2', which began with her noting she was "really" annoyed she hadn't packed lunch.

@jessbiel Airplane Chronicles Part 2 @Jessica Biel ♬ original sound - Jessica Biel

She said: "Well this epic journey continues. We're now sitting in an outpost of the Salt Lake City airport and not allowed to get off, trying to refuel and get back up in the air.

"And now I'm really [annoyed] I didn't bring a lunch so I think the moral of the story is it literally doesn't matter if you're flying for 20 minutes or 20 hours. Pack your own lunch."

The footage then jumped to Biel wearing sunglasses to explain the "dramatic" situation onboard - the plane was "attempting" to take off again.

She explained: "Okay now the plot thickens. And I feel like I had to put on some glasses to make it more dramatic but it's already dramatic enough. We are attempting - we are still in Salt Lake City - we are going to take back off if the wind has calmed down and if they have cleared the ice off the runway to see if it's possible to land without getting blown off the sky. If not, come back to LA."

She then held up her snack bag and fake cried as she thanked God for them, before revealing she had "made it".

She said: "We finally landed. We made it. Wow. That was nuts. Hope everybody has safe travels wherever they're off to."

It is unclear where Biel was off to or if she was accompanied by her husband Justin Timberlake and their two sons.