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Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Khanyi Mbau: ’Lay off my child with all this fake news!’

Khanyi Mbau and Khanukani Mbau. Picture: Instagram

Khanyi Mbau and Khanukani Mbau. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 17, 2021


Local actress and musician Khanyi Mbau, like any other parent, is protective over her child and just like any lioness she will protect her cub.

Following rumours about her daughter, the entertainer took to her Instagram account to remind the public that her daughter is off-limits.

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In a lengthy Instagram post Khanyi addresses the rumour that her daughter was allegedly pregnant.

"I am not one to entertain gossip especially from any gossip blog," said Khanyi at the start of her caption.

The “Red Room'' actress explained to her large following that over the past 18 years, the "most hurtful, false things" have been said about her.

While she may have taken all the false reports about herself in her stride, Khanyi, however, will not tolerate it when it comes to her daughter, Khanukani.

The actress named and shamed the rumour spreaders by tagging them as she addressed the rumour which started all because of a family video posted by Lasizwe.

“"But one thing I will not allow is my daughter being victimised and abused by a rumour started by a woman on Tiktok @bigmmam9410 from an innocent family video posted by Lasizwe," said Khanyi.

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Khanyi's 15-year-old daughter has always been shielded from the entertainment business in which her mother has made a name for herself.

Mzansi, however, got a glimpse of the mother-daughter relationship on BET Africa’s reality show series “Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise.”

"Hate me all you want but @Mbau2 is a child. The fact that the first thought that comes to all your minds is that a child could be pregnant shows how sick of a society we have all become.

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She made it clear that she would not allow any form of bullying to be directed at her child.

"This is a form of cyber bullying and you are all bullying a child!!! My child! and this needs to stop."

Khanyi then went on to address directly the bloggers that blog about children. It seems they have forgotten that children are off-limits.

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A glimpse of reality shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta or Love and Hip Hop will show what happens when people talk about children.

“Blogs such as @surgezircsa / and a YouTube blog TEAWORLD are low for blogging about children and all the adults that have jumped on in amusement is disgusting!”

She also reminded the public that as with any teenager, her daughter is going through puberty and growing.

“COME FOR ME I am in the game! my success has always had you all mad BUT LAY OF MY CHILD WITH ALL THIS FAKE NEWS! NONE OF U HAD PERFECT BODIES AT 15 she is going through puberty and is a developing young girl!!!” she said.