Vaccine passport will get people back to work

By Zoubair Ayoob Time of article published Sep 18, 2021

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WITH our history of pass laws, which were used to dehumanise sections of the population, I understand some of the resistance to the government's plan to introduce a “vaccine passport”.

People do not want to have to produce a document to show they can enter a venue, arguing that this would infringe on their civil liberties, and some protests were planned for today against the move, announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday.

However, I also understand the need for a passport.

South Africa has paid a huge price in lives and jobs because of the virus, and continues to do so.

While there has been a huge, welcome drop in infection numbers, the threat of a fourth wave of infections looms. One of our best defences is to vaccinate as many people as possible; people who would then be able to show that they have taken the jab.

This would allow, for example, the hospitality industry, particularly hard-hit by the lockdowns, to open at full capacity ‒ to those producing a passport ‒ instead of keeping half its tables empty.

I would be much more willing, happy and comfortable to eat out once again if I knew that every other person in the restaurant ‒ staff and patrons ‒ was also vaccinated.

Surely a move to get people back to work, or to full salaries, should be welcomed, even at the expense of producing your cellphone to display your passport? Similar to displaying your e-boarding pass at the airport.

I wonder if opposition to the vaccines is masquerading as opposition to the passport.

The Independent on Saturday

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