KIM Jayde. Picture: Instagram
KIM Jayde. Picture: Instagram

Kim Jayde gets creative as she brings awareness to cyberbullying

By Oluthando Keteyi Time of article published Nov 19, 2021

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Local TV presenter Kim Jayde is taking a strong stand against cyber bullying, something that she experiences on a daily basis.

Being a “public figure” comes with its load of baggage, with some not being entirely positive.

Kim, who is known to be quite creative, shared a series of snaps of herself dressed in a blue outfit, along with a newspaper, which had headlines of the direct messages or comments she has received on Instagram.

“When I decided to chase my dream, I never imagined it would be met with so much cruelty from total strangers via social media.”

“Cyberbullying never existed when I was a child because Facebook, IG, Twitter and TikTok never existed,” read the statement on the images posted on Kim’s Instagram account.

In a plight to create more awareness around cyberbullying, Kim penned a heartfelt caption about her own personal experience.

“At this point I feel like I’ve heard it all. From being body-shamed n called fat, to being called a whore, to xenophobic messages telling me to ‘get the f*** out of SA and go back to Zimbabwe.’” Kim said.

The personality who hails from Zimbabwe shared that as a public figure, people expect her to take the comments as they come with the job.

She, however, reminded her fan base that she is “a real person with real feelings and words hurt”.

“I’m sharing my experience with cyberbullying so that anyone going through it knows they’re not alone! Our children are taking their lives because of the constant cyberbullying on social media!” Kim said.

“This. You? 🥺 what a wow. So proud of you and the powerhouse you are.” Courtnae Paul said.

“Such an inspiration ❤️ you are loved Kim,” Nadia Jaftha said.

“It’s unbelievable that people think this meanness is okay 😔😔😔 Good on you Kim for talking about it,” said Melanie Bala.

Cyberbullying is bullying with the use of digital technologies. It has become more common with the popularity of social media.

Often cyberbullies hide behind fake identities to bully people on the internet.

Many famous faces have resorted to blocking trolls however the comments don’t stop.

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