Summer fun. Picture: Pexels
Summer fun. Picture: Pexels

Men’s swimwear: What you’ll need to pack for your summer vacay

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Dec 2, 2021

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Whether you’re relaxing at the poolside or playing volleyball on the beach, the ideal men’s swimwear should be able to take you from the outdoors inside without any effort.

Unless you’re into swimming and lounging in micro briefs. For that, you will actually need shorts because one cannot go from the beach to a bar wearing a top and briefs!

Many have already planned their summer holidays and are eagerly awaiting the day they can pick up their bags and head off to their destinations.

When packing for your summer holiday it’s always a good idea to have a few swimwear options. You just never know where the days will take you.

Here are three types of swimwear you should be packing so that you’re prepared for any situation.

Classic nautical stripes

Even if you pack nothing but a classic pair of nautical-inspired swim shorts, you’ll already be winning. They are the perfect mix of sophistication and casual. Ideal for the beach, of course, but oh so chic for those unexpected yacht rides.

Nautical stripes are classic. Picture: Instagram

The all-purpose cargo shorts

These are perfect for the dads who need all the pockets they can possibly fit into one pair of shorts, to hold everything from sunblock to shells. Off the beach you can simply throw on a white T-shirt and you’re good to go on to the next activity.

You can never have too many pockets. Picture: Instagram

Bold yet simple

One can never go wrong with bold colours in basic designs. Give the primary colours a break and go for more fresh and trendy tones such as apple green or coral. Look out for retro designs to add a touch of nostalgia.

Keep it simple. Picture: Instagram

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