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Monday, May 23, 2022

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6 free wedding apps and websites for all your wedding planning needs

Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.

Published Nov 22, 2021


The process of planning a wedding is both thrilling and stressful. Weddings are usually elaborate affairs and require a great amount of attention to detail in order for everything to come together seamlessly.

Fortunately, there are an array of useful resources available to get your wedding planning on the go.

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6 free wedding apps and websites for all your wedding planning needs:


Pinterest is a massive image sharing and social media site that uses pinboards to allow users to save and discover information on the internet using photographs, animated Gifs and videos.

For every aspect of wedding planning - from the wedding dress to the catering and table settings – Pinterest has a wealth of information to create mood boards for every theme. Show them to your wedding planner or bridal party or simply to the various people responsible for the different aspects of your wedding like the florist, decorators and dressmaker.


The process of planning a wedding is both thrilling and stressful. Wrapistry is a website to help make the process of putting together a gift registry a little easier. With everything being done entirely online, all you have to do is follow a few fun and simple prompts to create your list.

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This is all part of their commitment to making one of the happiest days even more joyful. This way, you won’t end up with gifts you don’t need as well as repeated gifts which are sometimes a hassle to return especially without the receipt.

Table Planner app

Seating anywhere from 50 to hundreds upon hundreds of guests is a massive task. Fortunately, there are apps like this one that allows you to visualise your seating arrangement and get a clear overview of your seating plan.

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Table Planner makes it simple to pair together compatible friends and relatives and take note of friends with children or dietary restrictions.

They have a range of helpful features like naming and numbering each table, positioning your tables where you want them and most importantly. importing your guest list from other apps, such as Contacts, Numbers or Excel.


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Over 17 090 969 wedding planning tasks have been completed with the WeddingHappy app. If you are just beginning with your wedding planning and don't know where to start, or are you feeling a little overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, don’t panic.

Whether it’s a micro wedding or you have over 300 guests, no matter what type of wedding you're planning, the app will help couples stay organised. To begin, you’ll need to fill out a few details starting with the anticipated wedding date.

Then we build you a customised schedule with a to-do checklist and suggested due dates. You can change any of the tasks and dates. Add tasks as events to your Calendar.

This way, you'll get notified when tasks and payments are due so you can avoid things piling up.


Visual thinkers who are struggling to find a wedding planning app that works for them, this is the app for you.

Sometimes it’s just easier to see all your tasks laid out in front of you so you can tackle them one at a time, crossing them off the list as you go along.

With Trello, a project-management board, you can plan your wedding with helpful checklists and use an array of cool customisation tools to make it your own.

Based on the Kanban approach, it is designed to depict to-do lists in a way that makes visual sense so that you can and move them through various stages of your project to avoid confusion or the bottlenecking of important tasks and payments.


Instagram is a social media app where you can enjoy sharing bits of your life with friends but it’s also a great place for saving inspiration that pops up randomly. The “save” feature allows you to store posts in one area called a “collection”.

You can create different collections under different themes, naming them appropriately to avoid confusion.

The hashtag search bar is also another efficient way to find exactly what you’re looking for – from food to decor and even tuxes.

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