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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Convenient and affordable ways that will keep you powered up during load shedding

Load shedding disrupts everything, here is how to keep up and running during the power cuts. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko.

Load shedding disrupts everything, here is how to keep up and running during the power cuts. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko.

Published Nov 10, 2021


With load shedding back with a vengeance, many South Africans are finding themselves unable to go on with their daily lives without power. They are unable to complete a number of vital tasks, these include working, cooking, heating water and others. Here are few ways to deal with the constant power cuts:


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Gas is a cheap and reliable alternative to electricity that requires that it be handled safely. It is portable, and depending on its size, easy to move around. Gas cylinders range in size from 3 kg to 48 kg. They start from R685,40.

Hailee Hutchinson, a worker from a gas distributor, said the most popular option with their customers is the 19 kg cylinder because it lasts up to a month. “It’s been busy since load shedding started, people have become more comfortable with using gas,” she explained.

Gas power cookers

Load shedding can hit just when people are about to start preparing meals. A gas-powered cooker can assist in ensuring that they get to prepare meals, but also that food does not go to waste. A 3kg tower cooker is R180, while a single burner canister stove sells for R389.

Solar panels

Many parts of South Africa get plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Installing a solar panel will ensure that there is back-up energy when the need arises. These are not only environmentally friendly but can help save money one would have spent on electricity.

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Affordable options range from R295 to R765.

Power banks

Phones, laptops and other electrical devices are integral in most people’s lives. One needs their device to be constantly powered up to exist in this digital age.

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Power banks can keep electronics charged during the set hours of load shedding. One of the cheapest charging stations can charge laptops, phones or tablets. It retails for R599.

Rechargeable LED lights

Rechargeable LED lights help illuminate rooms when the power goes out. They start from R130 to R249. They can last up to 60 hours. For extra convenience, they have an emergency USB port to charge most phones.

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