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Friday, May 20, 2022

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5Q’s with Dalin Oliver

Dalin Oliver is happy to be back on stage after two years. Picture: Supplied

Dalin Oliver is happy to be back on stage after two years. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 24, 2021


We caught up with local comedian and Goodhope FM sports anchor, Dalin Oliver who returned to the stage after a Covid19- induce hiatus. Oliver said he was very nervous to be on stage after two years and even took a cup of tea with lemon, honey and ginger on stage, to avoid getting sick.

1. What’s it like being back on stage?

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It’s been two years! I forgot how to do admin and press for a show but it feels good. I feel like a person again. It felt great to be back again.

2. Where do you get inspiration for your shows?

I always share cool stories and interactions that I’ve had. There are many thoughts that I’ve had. Things I’ve spoken to myself in the mirror about, that I just want to share with other humans. Inspiration is grounded in experience. Comedy and identity are directly related.

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3. How did you start in comedy and who is your favourite comedian?

I did my honours in history at university. My thesis was on comedy and coloured identity and how comedians use it as a way to delegate their way through pre and post-apartheid states. I interviewed Marc Lottering, Stuart Taylor, Shimmy Isaacs and Wayne Mckay among others. I never thought I would be a stand-up comedian. I wrote notes that I thought were funny and shared them with my parents, who were very supportive. That Friday evening, my friends and I stood in the close where we lived. My first unofficial performance was in front of the neighbour's house who shouted at us for making a noise. (She was my first heckler).

In November 2010 I had my did gig at Joker’s Comedy Club. The rest is history.

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I never answer who my favourite comedian is because I’ve been influenced by so many. Some of the funniest people in my life are in my immediate group of six friends from Retreat. My dad and both my grandfathers were hilarious and I’ve been very fortunate to get it from them and let it filter into a formal profession.

4. What are your thoughts on the comedy industry in South Africa?

It’s in a scary space because of the pandemic. Many venues have closed down and many events have been cancelled. We don’t know what the exit plan looks like for us because lockdown levels keep changing and load shedding doesn’t help either.

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The good news is that many new places are opening for us to perform. This excites me because the more spaces we have to perform, we can have more gigs. I love the space that comics are in, being comedians and improving their art form.

5. What’s next for Dalin?

I want to be realistic in light of the pandemic. I don't want another lockdown because then I can’t be back on stage. I want to tour with Stay at Home Comedian around the country.

You can catch Stay at Home Comedian live at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town this Friday, November 27. Tickets are available on Quicket.

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