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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Mystery surrounds the disappearance of 14 year old Glen Wood, 34 years later

The updated flyer of Glenn Wood. supplied

The updated flyer of Glenn Wood. supplied

Published Jan 15, 2022


Cape Town - It’s been 34 years since 14-year-old Glenn Wood mysteriously disappeared from his home in George, and the truth is yet to be revealed about what happened to the teenager.

Glenn’s body has never been discovered and a suspect who claimed he kidnapped the teen, left police with more questions than answers.

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Glenn’s mother, Britha Wood died last year while his father, Ian Wood has undergone surgery recently and is recovering.

Ian kept a daily journal after his son vanished, documenting everything about the case. The family have this keepsake of the case, which Ian has been gathering for over 30 years.

Glenn disappeared on July 19, 1988, the day on which a neighbour saw a vehicle outside his home .

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He was studying at the York High in George at the time of his disappearance and would have been 48 years old this year.

Leon Rossouw of Consulting Detectives, is investigating the case and many other such cold cases.

Rossouw said seven years after Glenn’s disappearance, a man confessed that he had kidnapped and killed the teenager but no body had been found.

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Police said the man was unable to show police where he claimed he had buried or left Glenn’s body.

The man identified as WJ (Willem) Erasmus confessed to kidnapping Glenn and was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment on his version of the abduction, but the teenager’s body was never found.

Police had initially opened a case of kidnapping according to original case dockets shown to Weekend Argus.

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Captain Malcolm Pojie of Southern Cape Police said Glenn Wood’s case remains a mystery.

“We managed to retrieve some record of the Wood case on our crime administration system and found that in addition to what was mentioned, the detainee was indeed found guilty of abduction based on his own admission.

“A detainee (Erasmus), some years back, claimed that he was involved and responsible for the death of Glen Wood whose body was allegedly buried near Wilderness.

“The entire area that was pointed out by the man who claimed to have murdered Glen, was checked with the assistance of specialised forensic equipment and the K-9 (Dog Unit) but turned out to be unfounded and could not be verified at the time.

Rossouw said the family has never gained closure.

“Three decades later, his family still doesn’t have any answers. Seven years later a man said he took and killed Glenn and he is out of prison already, however, no proof or evidence or body was ever found. The family never got the closure they so desperately wanted.”

Glenn’s sister, Glynnis Wood Hartwig said she was not in a position to do a full-length interview due to her mother’s passing and father’s illness.

“My dad kept a diary. He documented everything. My mother died last year and my father had a broken hip and had an operation.”

Hartwig said she would speak out more in July, the month Glenn disappeared, and after things had settled in their lives.

During previous interviews, Hartwig said she believed there was more than met the eye regarding her brother’s disappearance. She believes a re-investigation would be fitting. She also puts up frequent Facebook posts.

After her mother’s death, she wrote that Glenn had been reunited with her in heaven.

“I believe there was a welcome party as you arrived which would have included Glenn and as sad as we are we know you are free of pain. We love you. We will miss you but above all we will celebrate your life. Thank you.”

If you knew Glenn Wood or have any information, please contact or Whatsapp 063 682 5758 or send an email to [email protected]

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